about Kyle Lam

B.S. in Computer Science, minor in Japanese, University of California Davis, Davis, CA

Currently located in Kirkland, Washington

History of Kyle Lam


Software Engineer
Redmond WA
Keywords: C++, Office Excel, Excel Mobile


Developer Support Specialist
BCforward at Google
Mountain View, CA
Keywords: Java, Javascript, Android, Google Maps, Japanese


Junior HTML/XML Developer
Mill Valley, CA
Keywords: XPathes, regular expressions, JavaScript


Software Developer
i-Study Center
Macau, SAR
Keywords: jQuery mobile, JavaScript, Google App Engine, Python


Software Programmer
Davis, CA
Keywords: C++, open soruce project

Hackathon project uButton

For developers, one of the many challenges on using external APIs is their complicated set up. Most of the time, these set up, and requirenment are not necessary for the single simple function developers wanted to use. This project is attempted to slove this problem.

ubutton provides easy to deploy solutions for businesses to implement Uber on their website. Used Google Maps API, Uber API and other HTML5 functions to give a seamless yet easy to use experience. This project is one of the winning entries of Uber Hackathon, and it was displayed under the Uber for Developers page as a showcase.

Made with jQuery, node.js, and JavaScript

sunshine Js

Sunshine was an Android project for uDacity Android class, and here I tried to redo it in plain JavaScript. This version of the sunshine Js took use of the local storage for setting, and weather data storage.

Demo of the sunshine Js can be found here.


In many case, drivers need to see both of the following at the same time.

Head up turn-by-turn car navigation app HudNav, uses windshield reflection of the phone screen provides a Headā€Up-Display navigation experience. Used Google Maps API, with custom logics to give turn-by-turn instructions.